Monday, July 27, 2009

Queen of Beautiful Morals

An 18-year-old Saudi girl has bee crowned “Queen of Beautiful Morals” Aya Ali Al Mulla beat 274 contestants to win a crown, SR5,000 ($1,333), a pearl necklace, a diamond watch and necklace and a free trip to Malaysia.

Nobody saw her face. She was judged by her morals, her commitment to her family and her religious values.

“The real winner in this competition is the society. The winners represent the culture of the society and its high Islamic morals,” said Khadra Al Mubarak, Miss Moral Beauty pageant organizer.

Merce Cunningham the legendary and truly superb dancer and choreographer has died in new York. He was 90.

Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Merce Cunningham has died in new York, aged 90. True genius!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Art? Offensive? It's Barneys!

It's hard to imagine the New Yorkers are so sensitive that they couldn't abide seeing a Helmut Lang window display in Barneys.

One minute it was up. Next minute it was down.

Barney's creative director - who is very forward thinking and rather an artistic soul, said that he was away when the display went up but that he ordered it removed because the display crossed the line between creativity and ...... well, he didn't say actually. He just said it "clearly crossed the line."

I don't know, doesn't bother me. And even if it did, it sure wouldn't stop me shopping at Barneys.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oooh that's too short a story, Tyra!

Miss Tyra Banks, what you doing to us? I have watched all cycles of America's next Top Model, reeled at some of the eliminations (sooooo many of my favorites went home), wondered why some were named ANTM, and then waited eagerly for the next cycle.

Now we have Cycle 13 premiering in September with --- wait, hold on ----- only girl 5 foot 7 and under?

Hello? I love looking at those willowy girls. That's part of the fantasy. I don't want to see stumpy girls thumping down a catwalk. Give me the lofty ones. That's why I watch.

Who will these short girls model for anyway? Like, um, no one. Janice Dickinson and Miss J may be the biggest bitches in the business but they are right when they say those girls have to be tall and lean. It's what modelling is about.

Go tall Tyra, stop this equal opportunity nonsense!